Mini Kapsalon Special

Don’t miss out the opportunity of trying our food for less!

The Special Mini Kapsalon now comes with Soft Drink for just Fls 6.50. We’re making sure you will want to come back to Magic Shawarma for this delicious combo plus an affordable price.

Kapsalon Ingredients: 

  • Batata
  • Galiña
  • Keshi
  • Cropsla
  • Sinoyo
  • Augurk
  • Garlic sauce
  • Tomato

The term kapsalon means “hairdressing salon” in Dutch, alluding to one of the inventors, the dish has since spread around the Netherlands among other countries and is so popular, fast and tasty.



The dish is fashionable in Nepal as of 2017 with people taking photos and a food blogger with 18 000 followers describing the dish as “a party in her mouth with her favorite tastes”.


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