Enjoy the best Lebanese food in Curaçao

If you are looking for Lebanese, tasty,unique in its flavors and in a special place for family?In Magic Shawarma you have the perfect place to taste a delicious meal, in our menu you will find variety in first class dishes of Lebanese cuisine, variety of desserts and much more, all in one place.


Accounts with the Delicious


Is a recipe for very popular Arabic cuisine.

This is a vegetarian Arabic salad of bulgur wheat, spring onions, parsley, peppermint and lemon juice. It is a fresh salad, delicious and very healthy. You know our Recipes


Consists of a metal or wooden stick with small cuts of various types of meat or fish (especially swordfish) with or without vegetables, which is roasted on a grill. Meet our menu and all the special dishes we Have





The Kibbeh or Kibehh recipe is a popular Syrian-Lebanese recipe,(pronounced “kib-bi”)  consumed in large parts of Arab countries especially in Syria, Lebanon and Palestine…). You know our Recipes


Lebanese international dish It basically consists of lamb, beef or chicken wrapped in pita bread with various vegetables.



It is a kind of soft, slightly fermented flat bread of wheat flour, consumed in the eastern Mediterranean, especially in the Near East, occasionally baked in the walls of the oven. You know our Recipes.

This and more at Magic Shawarma a special place for Lebanese food. You can find us at Sambil Curacao Willemstad, we are waiting for you.

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